2023 Pratt Resident Research Symposium

42nd Annual Edward L. Pratt Resident Research Symposium

Virtual Poster Session

The Pratt Lectures allow pediatric residents from Cincinnati Children’s to present results of their research in an open forum for critical analysis. This annual session is in honor of Dr. Edward L. Pratt fostered the spirit of intellectual curiosity, critical thinking, perseverance, and independent research in the minds of his students. He was professor and chairman of the Department of Pediatrics at University of Cincinnati College of Medicine from 1963 until his retirement in 1979; and continued as professor emeritus of pediatrics until his death in 1988. This website houses the online versions of poster presentations presented at the 2023 symposium.

In-person and Virtual Cardiac Rehabilitation in Youth and Adults with Heart Disease During the COVID-19 Era
Elizabeth Aronoff, MD – Categorical Pediatrics, PGY-2

Use and Outcomes of the Medical Hybrid Procedure for Stage 1 Palliation in Infants with Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome and Variants
Daniel Beauchamp, MD – Categorical Pediatrics, PGY-3

Airway Endoscopy in Critically-Ill Children and Impact of Creation of a High-Risk Bronchoscopy Team (HRBT) in a High-Volume Center
Daniela Bullard Elias, MD – Categorical Pediatrics, PGY-3

Olfactomedin 4 as a Urinary Biomarker to Predict AKI and Need for Renal Replacement Therapy
Imogen Clover-Brown, MD – Categorical Pediatrics, PGY-2

Retrospective Review of Genetic Mutations and Treatments in Patients with Monogenic Diabetes of the Youth (MODY)
Lily Deng, MD – Categorical Pediatrics, PGY-3
(Poster not available)

Incidence and Severity of Adenovirus Respiratory Infections and Coinfections in a Longitudinal Birth Cohort
Adam Gailani, MD – Categorical Pediatrics, PGY-3

Gene Editing Strategies to Create Human Derived Erythroid Progenitor Cells with SC Mutation
Lubna Hamdan, MD – Categorical Pediatrics, PGY-3

Examining the Effects of Social Determinants of Health and Remote Outreach on Breast Milk Feeding Outcomes and Well Visit Completion
Laura Hardy, MD, PhD – Categorical Pediatrics, PGY-2

Carriage of Alpha-1 Antitrypsin Risk Variants is not Associated with Increased Histologic Severity of Pediatric NAFLD
Maya Khan, MBBS – Categorical Pediatrics, PGY-3

Insult During Infancy: Early Life Antibiotics Disrupt Lung Repair Following Influenza-A Infection and Injury
Kristin Lambert, MD, PhD – Categorical Pediatrics, PGY-2

Usability Testing of a Virtual Reality Communication Curriculum to Address COVID-19 Vaccine Hesitancy
Melody Lee, MD – Categorical Pediatrics, PGY-3

Perception and Practices of Breastfeeding in Dominican Mothers in the Dominican Republic
Kylie Mena, MD – Categorical Pediatrics, PGY-3

The Effects of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Pediatric Dog Bite Injuries
P. Thomas Menk, MD – Categorical Pediatrics, PGY-3

Pressure-Wire Guided Hybrid Branch Pulmonary
Artery Band Placement for Palliation of Single Ventricle Congenital Cardiac Lesions

Jonathan Pacella, MD – Categorical Pediatrics, PGY-2

Needs Assessment for Labor and Delivery Nursing NRP Training and Maintenance of Skills
Franklin Privette, MD – Categorical Pediatrics, PGY-3

Long Term Kidney Outcomes in Wilms Tumor Survivors
Shannon Reinert, MD – Categorical Pediatrics, PGY-3

Emergency Department and Psychology Care Patterns That Develop Following a Traumatic Brain Injury in Children and Young Adults
Jeremy Shapiro, MD – Pediatrics/PM&R, PGY-5

Evaluation of the Use of Visual Storytelling as an Educational Intervention in the CICU
Christiana Stark, MD – Categorical Pediatrics, PGY-3

Understanding Primary Spontaneous Pneumothorax Management and Outcomes in Children: A Retrospective Case Series
Sara Touzinsky, MD – Categorical Pediatrics, PGY-3

Butorphanol and Ketamine Use in Patients with a Diagnosis of Hurler Syndrome Undergoing Bone Marrow Transplantation
Madeline Weber, MD – Categorical Pediatrics, PGY-3

Impact of Buccal Dextrose Gel for the Treatment of Neonatal Hypoglycemia on Breastfeeding Outcomes
Praise Yorka, MD – Categorical Pediatrics, PGY-3

PEERS: Promoting Early Exposure to the Responsibilities of Seniors
Eleanor Young, MD – Categorical Pediatrics, PGY-3

Advanced Advocacy 2023
Kiran N. Bandi, MD; Katherine Boyer, MD; Saige E. Camara, MD; Kathryn K. Davis, MD; Sara J. Grant, MD; Kristen N. Humphrey, MD; Priya Singh, MD; Alison B. Walker, MD; Madeline L. Weber, MD